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'Alternative Energy Solution'

FLL Lego Team Scorpacuda presents a video summarizing their 2007 Power Puzzle Research Project.
Mike McQueeney, PSNH, and the team talk to residents at their Alternative Energy Information Night, Nov. 8 at Brookline Town Hall. Gary Maedl, CEO and President of Virstar, Hollis NH, gives a tour of the geothermal system at the Broad Street Country Store Oct. 30, 2007.
YouTube: Mr. McQueeney Video of Tour Highlights coming soon!
 Nov. 8 Presentation  

Wind Viable?

Our research suggests that Brookline would have marginal use for wind turbines on residential or municiple buildings.

2 minute movie presented 8 November:

1 minute shortened presentation - a work in progress, not yet presented:

Recent Activities

2 December We uploaded a video of time critical information about PSNH's nhsaves program providing free energy audits to PSNH customers, and up to $4000 grant for energy efficiency for qualifying homes.  This information is from the Nov. 8 Alternative Energy Information Night we held at Town Hall.  The presenter is Mike McQueeney of PSNH.

27 November We opened a YouTube account 'scorpacudas' and uploaded a 6 minute web video documenting our research solution.  It is a case study of a 2500+ sq ft residence which reduces energy costs substantially by using geothermal and solar technologies - and offers heating of pool and spa all year!  Additional functionality at lower costs - that's what geothermal energy can provide for residents of Brookline.

17 November 8-4 Our team participated in the Hollis-Brookline Regional Tournament at Hollis-Brookline High School.  The Scopracudas are grateful to have received the First Place Teamwork Award qualifying them to compete in the December 8 State Competition.  Thank you to Team Force in particular Dan Peterson, Chris Hyde, and Frank Grossman for organizing the event, and Candi the volunteer coordinator.  Many participants (even from out of state) commented on how well this competition was run.

10 November 7-4 Our team participated unofficially in the Tough Tech Lego League Tournament at Nashua North.  Thank you to the Tough Tech FIRST team for hosting the event.  We learned valuable feedback from our participation, and made changes to the robot and presentation accordingly.

8 November 6 pm Our team hosted an information night on alternative energy at Brookline Town Hall. The team and Mike McQueeney presented options for residential use of alternative energy including geothermal, solar, and biofuels that are viable in New England.  We raffled a thematic basket of energy conservation items - cost of ticket was to make a pledge to do something with alternative energy in the next year.  This event was sponsored by the Brookline Conservation Commission.

30 October Toured Broad Street Country Store, tour of Geothermal System from Gary Maedl.

27-28 October Attended GreenExpo in Manchester NH.

18 October Met with Dr. Labrosse, high school chemistry teacher and off-grid homeowner.

9 October 7 pm Presentation to Conservation Commission Meeting & met with Don Edson



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  Nov. 10 2007 Research Presentation at Nashua North Regional Competition

  Nov. 8 2007 Presentation to Brookline: EcoExpo Alternative Energy Information Night

  Oct. 9 2007 Presentation to Brookline Conservation Commission

    Information about Geothermal